Changes In Credit System Because Of Low Traffic!

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  1. admin

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    Hello Guys,

    Since past 6 months, we are running this website in loss because of low traffic! We even thought of closing this website but we were not able to take this tough decision!

    Meanwhile, we have thought of revising the credit system to make sure we don't close the website without giving it another try for next 6 months!

    From now onwards i.e. 2nd July 2016, deals posted in Hot Deals section will not attract 1 credit and only the deals that will be promoted to Good Deals (A Rated) will fetch you 5 credits each! This doesn't mean deal posters should stop posting because we will still be promoting 20-30 deals in a day to home page and you can easily make good number of credits! This change in credit system will also reduce the spam on forum and deal posters will try to post only those deals that are worth promoting to home page!

    I know this change in credit system will impact our deal posters but we request our deal posters to keep posting on our website so that we can reach at same place where we were around 2 years back! Online Sasta is nothing without it's members and we need co-operation from members/deal posters to help us grow further.

    Please leave your suggestions/ideas to help Online Sasta grow!

    Online Sasta Admin!
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    ANKIT SHINMAR Well-Known Member

    oh that's good
    lo abhi uta de website ko muje bhi team member bna do ...
    may bilkul free hu is month hi chla de website ko ...(y)
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  4. stive

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    Good decision , do whatever good for this site :)
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  5. PrimeOS

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    @admin @OSDeals
    How about giving 5 points for individual lightning deals that are promoted to the home page?
    This is assuming the said deal is posted separately (and not as part of the lightning deals mega thread)
    That way you will get better deals because a number of the lightning deals are good. People will be motivated to post those deals
  6. admin

    admin Moderator Staff Member

    Will think about it coz currently our mods are promoting multiple lightening deals on home page but all deals are part of single thread only!

    Will give it a thought for sure!
  7. DealFinder

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    Now since you will not be giving credits for posting deals it will be good if you can atleast change credit conversion rate to 1:1 else for not so good deal posters it might get as low as 2.5 to 3 effective credits per promoted deal which will not be quite interesting to post deals for.

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