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    Dear Community Members ,

    Cricket Season is just about to kick off and we proudly present our annual MEGA Cricket Contest for your added excitement & entertainment to tag along with ongoing thrills and chills of 50 days of non stop Cricket where you can also Win some major chunk of over Rs 50,000 worth of prizes. We want more and more Community members to Win , so same like last year instead of keeping some few expensive prizes for limited number of Winners , we have concentrated on quantity of prizes and many different ways to Win them. Needless to mention some Big prizes will be also be there for the taking. We have over 100 T-Shirts, Online Shopping from selected stores, Mobile Phone , Silver plated modern Jewellery , Mobile Recharges , OS credits , etc in our prizes.
    As mentioned, there are many different ways to win them and to make it exciting , we have lined up different types of Contests where you can try your skills at. They are as below :

    1) Guess the Answers
    We will be combining 1-3 matches in one round where some general questions will be asked related to the match like Man of the match , Sixes , Wickets , etc and you need to guess the correct answers. One correct answer will get you 1 point and Winner for each round will get T-Shirt. All Rounds will be posted here few days in advance.

    Daily atleast one T-Shirt up for grab in this contest.

    2) Watch and Play
    We will be playing prediction contest as the match progresses after every 2-3 days. You need to be online in the community while watching Match. Format/Rules/Prizes will be different for every match.

    3) Rapid Fire
    During the course of the tournament , we will be conducting Rapid Fire Contest from time to time ( total 5 days ) asking questions related with Cricket. Time of the latest rapid fire will be announced here 1-2 days in advance. 10 questions will be asked on a day. First person to answer correctly gets 10 points + Rs.10. Winner of the day gets T-Shirt ( In case of Tie , we will keep on asking questions till we get a Winner ).
    All the points of the Rapid fire for all days will keep on accumulating and Member getting maximum number of points for the entire season gets following prizes.

    Prizes( Accumulated Points) :-
    1. Rs 500 worth free shopping from http://trendin.com
    2. Rs 500 worth free shopping from http://myntra.com
    3. Rs 500 worth free shopping from http://freecultr.com
    4. Rs 300 worth free shopping from http://zovi.com
    5. Rs 300 worth free shopping from http://myntra.com
    6. Rs 300 worth free shopping from http://zovi.com
    7. Rs 300 worth free shopping from http://myntra.com
    8. Rs 300 worth free shopping from http://myntra.com

    Disclaimer:- We can change the shopping website but free shopping amount will remain the same.

    Round 5 on 31st May at 8:00 pm :

    4) Find the Player
    On certain days , You will be shown 4 pictures and you need to find the player with the help of those 4 pictures. All the 4 pictures will be connected to that player in some way or the other. So you not only have to name the player but also the connections for all 4. Member who finds the player first , wins a branded T Shirt.

    5) Fantasy Battle ( Entries Close Now )
    Last year we had Team Play where members could compete against each other by supporting their respective Teams. But this year , every member for himself to fight out this epic battle and reach at the top to win the Tournament. Many prizes to be won. Check out the details here :

    6) Simple Prediction
    Same like last year , some simple prediction type Contests ( like who will hit 4th six in a particular match / who will hit tournaments 500th six , etc ) will be held from time to time offering good prizes.


    1)For participating in any contest, you must like our facebook page:-
    . In case you participate without liking our facebook page and win the prize then person next in rank who have liked our facebook page will get the prize. So like once and get yourself enrolled for all the contests for entire Cricket season. We will ask about your facebook profile only if you wins the contest.
    2) All new members ( having less than 50 posts in Onlinesasta Forum ) must share this page at their facebook wall before entering any Contest and send us the link by contact us option at the bottom.
    3) All Prizes will be sent within few days after all the Contests close under this thread. User don't have any option to select T-Shirt color/design. It will be sent randomly.
    4) OS Administration Team decision will be final for any disputes related to any matters arising from this Contest.
    5) All Contests are open to all
    6) Please do not create multiple ids to take part in any of the Contests.

    Disclaimer : We are in no way related/associated with IPL , BCCI , ICC or any other Cricket bodies.
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    sounds awwwwesome! :)
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    This is the contest waiting for long time
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    ipl back again ........... after one year
    last year full fun & enjoy.............:) (y)
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    IPL is back with lots of fun
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    I am Back For Playing The IPL Contest!!!
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    nice contest
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    i am in..
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    me tooo
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    me tooo
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    liked and shared on fb...
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    ready for it
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    kaha IPL Mega Contest Sir JEEEEEEEEEE
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    Branded T-Shirt Khatan ho gaya hai Sayad Se
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    We are having fantasy battle bouts going on for this weekend... that's why no prediction contest...

    Moreover winners are not interested in taking T-Shirts..Everyone is asking for alternative option of recharge... From next prediction contest onwards - we will specifically mention that if you are not interested for T-Shirt then don't participate in our contests :)

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    last time shi tha pendrive thi prize may koi bol ta tho nhi us may hi kush ho ja ta .....:D :D
    t - shirt wala tho panga hi hai ...... :p :p (y)

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