Make Predictions in FINALS and Win 50 OS Credits

Discussion in 'OS Cricket Mega Contest 2014 - Rs 50,000' started by usa11, May 31, 2014.

  1. usa11

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    Just Predict following for the Finals ( Kolkata vs Punjab on 1st June ) match in this ongoing IPL and you can end up Winning 50 OS Credits

    1) Bowler to bowl maximum dot balls ( you can choose 2 players for this )
    2) Batsman to hit maximum sixes ( choose only 1 player )

    Rules :
    1) Every Osian can enter only once. Once entered , cannot change or edit.
    2) Only Osians with less than 50 posts at this moment in the OS community can enter.
    Regular Osians , please enter here :
    3) Last date and time to enter : 1st June 7:00 pm.
    4) In case of more than 1 Osian getting the correct prediction , we will have a Tie breaker between the Winners with some simple easy rapid fire Q.
    5) In case of any dispute , our decision will be final.
  2. usa11

    usa11 Administrator Staff Member

    No one entered :eek:
    Prize me agar credits ki jagah mobile recharge ya GV hota to kai sare newbies dikh jate :D
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  3. Aryan

    Aryan Well-Known Member

    haha :D

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