99LABELS.COM Selling Fake Aeropostale Tees

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  1. sanjeevt

    sanjeevt New Member

    [attachment=13][attachment=12][attachment=11][attachment=10]Today I have seen that 99Labels selling fake Aeropostale Tees for 599 INR.Bagittoday selling same Tess for 499 INR.
  2. BLING6

    BLING6 Active Member

    that doesnot mean they are fake.....
    bagittoday may sell for a lesser price
    that doesnot mean 99labels is fake

    flipkart usually sells most products at a higher price
    than competitive websites
    same way
    that doesnot mean flipkart is fake

    PS:doesnot mean i am not defending 99lables
    or i don't like flipkart
    just giving examples
  3. dev

    dev Member

    99labels is undoubtedly beter than bagittoday....
  4. usa11

    usa11 Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Sanjeev ,
    This doesn't make any valid point and more ever at price of Rs.599 , buyers can get discount using credits. Bagittoday is by far one of the worst similar concept sites.

    Regarding your other post of Diesel , I really doubt they will dare to sell fakes at these prices and neither from the pics posted comes any clarity.
    I suggest to contact them in advance in case you are planning to buy those.

    I saw a similar issue and posted about it here :

    http://onlinesasta.com/forum/Thread-See ... bels-today

    I contacted them and came to understand that the pictures were mistakenly posted of the wrong similar item and actual goods they shipped were 100% genuine and not like the pics posted. I did not purchased that item so cannot comment exactly which goods were shipped.
    Anyway , I am not trying to defend them but 99labels have been one of the best sites among all Club concept sites and I never received any fake product from them in my 80+ orders with them so far and extremely satisfied with all my purchases. Though this Tommy incident really raised my eyebrows towards them and I am more cautious before buying for items I am not sure and check in advance. And if still something goes wrong and I am not satisfied , they take back the returns.

    btw...........welcome to OS. I doubt you came here just to post your feedback for 1 site and have more to offer and gain as well.
  5. Cevno

    Cevno New Member

    Have good experience with 99labels before.
  6. Honey497

    Honey497 New Member

    99Labels is better site than Bagittoday.

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