American Express Gift Cards at 5% discount + Rs.50 Shipping per order

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    Really worth as you can use the Card just like a Prepaid Card anywhere AMEX Cards are allowed to be used. Offline as well as online though some online vendors doesn't accept this.
    Rs.5000 card available for Rs.4750
    Rs.2000 card available for Rs.1900
    Rs.1000 card available for Rs.950

    Shipping charges Flat Rs.50 per order. You can place an order for maximum 5 cards in one order so if order 5 cards of 5000 each , you total pay 23800 for 25000 worth of Card.

    Benefits :
    • The American Express Gift Card is a prepaid product
    • Accepted online and welcomed at all merchants that accept American Express Cards in India
    • Available in 3 different denominations - Rs 1000, Rs. 2000 & Rs 5000
    • Special offers on travel, leisure, shopping & dining through the American Express Selects programme
    • Easy to check balance, online or on your phone
    • Supported by excellent customer service
    How To Use :

    Gift cards are warmly welcomed at all merchants that accept American Express Cards in India, in person or online. Just sign the back of your Card, and you're ready to shop.

    • The card has no monthly fee so your balance won't drain over time.
    • Easily get a replacement card if lost or stolen*
    • Avoid declines by checking your balance online or by calling the number at the back of your card
    • Get outstanding discounts across online shopping, dining, travel, and entertainment through American Express Selects™
    * Please refer to the detailed Terms and Conditions and FAQs on the American Express Gift Card.
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