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Discussion in 'Website Review' started by Sasta, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Sasta

    Sasta Well-Known Member

    I made an order on August 2, 2013. On Aug 8, status changed to "Cargo ready" , and Aramex tracking number was provided. When it wasn't dispatched even on Aug 13, I started making calls to their paid customer care number as the online complaint form doesn't work. Telephonic customer care team is clueless, no matter what question you ask. And they rarely reply to emails, got only 1 in 10 days. I made 3 calls, they kept on making false promises to dispatch at the earliest. On 16th the promised that delivery will be made by 19th. When I enquired about the status on 19th(4th call), CC person said new deadline is 23rd. He simply rejected my request to cancel the order. On 21st, the order status was reverted to "VERIFIED" so I called again(5th call), and this time reply was "Give us one more week, order can't be cancelled as it is already packed". Neither was he ready to provide me contact details of a senior executive. Being fully tired of all this, I emailed to their CEO on 21st, 11:00 PM. This morning(Aug 22) when I checked I found a reply from their support team that they have received esclation from CEO and have cancelled the order. RELIEVED!!! Let's see if they hold their promise to refund in 3-4 days.

    Order made : Aug 2
    Delivery timeline: Within 7-10 days
    Product price: Rs 2631
    Shipping Rs 195(Product worth 2600, still no free shipping!)
    Signup bonus Rs 25
    Cancelled on : Aug 22

    Calls made to Customer support team: 5
    Emails: 2 to Support Team, one to CEO

    And they keep on bugging by sending messages "You showed interest in that product at Naaptol".

    My rating: Very poor

    Suggestion: Avoid as much as possible
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  2. usa11

    usa11 Administrator Staff Member

    Neither I have pleasant memories of my only 2 orders experience with Naaptol.
  3. Sasta

    Sasta Well-Known Member

    For me counter would stay stuck at 1 :)
  4. Sasta

    Sasta Well-Known Member

    Yet to get the refund.
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  5. charlieelectra

    charlieelectra New Member

    Well, I guess I had been lucky among few here. I didn't have any complaint from Naaptol. It did its job for me and my friend.
  6. Sasta

    Sasta Well-Known Member

    You created your profile just to ensure you reply to my post? You know what I mean!
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  7. yogesh899891

    yogesh899891 Active Member

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  8. akshaykumar

    akshaykumar Member

    My Experience was wonderful with Naaptol.
  9. Sasta

    Sasta Well-Known Member

    Marketing for them?
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