[ Expired ] Onlinesasta presents Housie contest- Prizes worth Rs 800 to be won

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  1. Ironman

    Ironman Moderator Staff Member

    The Winners are-
    1. Full House 1 - @juxik - Rs 200 prize
    2. Fastest 5 - @PIEKEY - Rs 100 Prize
    3 . Top Row - @Rd singh - Rs 100 prize

    4. Middle Row - @juxik - Rs 100 prize
    5. Bottom Row - @ankit khanna - Rs 100 prize
    6. Full House 2 - @Alekhya Das - Rs 100 prize

    7. 1st Rapid Fire @dklk - Rs 20 recharge
    8. 2nd Rapid Fire - @Rd singh - Rs 20 recharge

    NOTE- Contact @admin within 48 hours to claim your prizes. Prizes will be sent within another 48 hours. You can ask for flipkart vouchers, os credits , or Mobile Recharge whatever you desire.

    Rs 20 Mobile recharge winners need to contact @ROHIT61194 bhai .

    Onlinesasta is back once again with another housie +Rapidfire contest :). Its gonna be a lot of fun, enjoyment and yes finally rewards too. ;)

    Prizes worth Rs 800 to be won. So get ready for witnessing those super moments.

    Important - The new members will have to complete atleast 25 posts to participate in this contest. But don't spam to reach 25 posts. If you are regular, you can easily get to 25 posts in 5-6 days.


    We would like to thank our esteemed member @ideal who has contributed a part of our prize money. Such members really inspire the community and help in its growth.

    This game is a lot of fun when more and more members participate. It feels like a family is playing together and enjoying. So in order to get more and more participation, we will conduct this contest next weekend most probably so that people get ample time to participate.

    So the prizes are-
    1. Full House - Rs 200
    2. Top/Middle/Bottom Row - Rs 100 Each (Total 300)
    3. Fastest five - Rs 100
    4. 2nd full house - Rs 100
    4. Rapid fire ( 5 Rounds ) - Rs 100 ( Rs 20/each)

    And now the most important rules-

    Numbers will be announced in the first post of this thread as well as in the comments. Each number will be announced after 40 seconds. We have reduced the time from 1 minute to 40 seconds so that the game is quick and does not get boring at all :)

    What you need to do??

    So you just have to cross check your unique ticket and cross the number which we will be announcing every 40 seconds. After the announcement of every 15 numbers, we will ask one rapidfire question which will fetch Rs 20 mobile recharge for the winner.

    In this way cross out the numbers which we announce and are present on your ticket.

    Now there are various ways in which you can win.

    How to win??

    There are total of 15 numbers in the ticket, 5 in each line.

    1. Fastest 5- The member whose first five numbers get crossed out first will win the fastest five.

    2. Top/Middle/Bottom Row - If you manage to cross out any row completely, just comment in the thread that my this row is complete. The member who posts it first wins as there can be situation when two or more members have any of their lines crossed out simultaneously.

    3. Full House - If you get the all the numbers crossed, then congo, you win Rs 200.

    4. 2nd Full House- After the 1st house is over, everyone feels a bit disappointed a bit except the winner ofcourse :p, so to end this disappointment, there will be hunt for another house too ;)

    Very important - So if you get any of the above prize, claim it asap. If u tell after announcement of second next number, then sorry you can't claim the prize. Also those who make false claims will be disqualified with immediate effect without any warning. So look clearly before you claim your prize.
    So get ready to witness the fun.

    Those who want to participate, comment below. I will issue the tickets from today itself.


    This time around there is a small twist- Good news for those who want to double their chances of winning. You can buy one extra ticket (only 1)also but at a small price of 10 onlinesasta credits.

    The first ticket however will be completely free of cost:):)

    So it is not compulsory to buy 2 tickets, you can even play with one ticket and try your luck.

    Finally best of luck to all the participants (y)


    NOTE : Credits once deducted cannot be refunded :p
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  2. Aryan

    Aryan Well-Known Member

    nice. gimme 2 tickets please. :)
  3. Ironman

    Ironman Moderator Staff Member

    Sent !! :)
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  4. sam4deals

    sam4deals Well-Known Member

    one ticket
  5. juxik

    juxik Well-Known Member

    2 tickets please:cool:

    PIEKEY Well-Known Member

    can you please tell the timing of the game if it is after 8:00 pm it would be great or if it is on sunday then its ok else wont be able to play..! :)

    PIEKEY Well-Known Member

    if the condition for above is true then issue 2 tickets for me.! :)
  8. admin

    admin Moderator Staff Member

    Great job @Ironman bro .. Very well posted and thanks a lot for conducting this contest :).. I really appreciate that :)

    Also very big Thanks to our communtiy member @ideal for sponsoring half of the prize money for this contest :)... It was very nice gesture by him and we are overwhelmed to see that our members do care about community well being :)... It will surely encourage others to be part of website growth :)

    Posted from mobile... So excuse for any spelling mistake
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  9. ALI

    ALI Well-Known Member

    2 tickets plz
  10. Mohammad Bilal

    Mohammad Bilal Member

    I don't have 25 posts..can I participate in this contest ?
  11. Achilles

    Achilles Active Member

    One and only one :)
  12. Saurabh Sarang

    Saurabh Sarang Member

    Single ticket would be appreciated.
  13. minhas

    minhas Well-Known Member

    nice contest...
    send me one ticket..
  14. simranvb

    simranvb Member

    1 ticket please
  15. nithin

    nithin Well-Known Member

    1 ticket pls
  16. Nikhil

    Nikhil Member

    1 ticket please
  17. rits

    rits Member

    1 ticket please
  18. user22

    user22 Member

    i want two tickets
  19. minhas

    minhas Well-Known Member

    bro your post count is less than 25
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  20. rakesh s.

    rakesh s. Active Member

    1 for me please!!

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