Lucky Rapid Fire Assigned Order

Discussion in 'Online Sasta Exclusive Contests' started by usa11, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. usa11

    usa11 Administrator Staff Member

    For Questions 1 to 10 assigned winning orders is 1 to 10
    which means Q1 - W1 , Q2 - W2 , Q3 - W3 , and so on
    For Questions 11 to 20 assigned winning orders is 10 to 1
    which means Q11 - W10 , Q12 - W9 , Q13 - W8 , and so on
    For question 21 , assigned winning order is 5
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  2. ideal

    ideal Well-Known Member

    ok,I think the basic concept is new ,or at least I have not seen that
    if new,it will be copied and pasted
    but the w1 w2 and w3 could have repeated a litttle more
  3. usa11

    usa11 Administrator Staff Member

    Personally not seen anywhere till date and even if exist , has to be a co incidence as was 100% my own idea here :)
    Agree w1 , w2 , w3 could have been more but was doing first time and thought to keep even field so max can benefit including slow net users and leave it more on luck. Will learn from exp and next rounds can have improvements.
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