Need help to join in share market buisness

Discussion in 'Help me find a deal' started by Laxman Rao, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Laxman Rao

    Laxman Rao Active Member

    Hi guys...

    I am new to share market.

    I am with zero knowledge upon share market business but i am very much intrest on it to start.

    Any one really wants to help me, please give me your valuable time to me for explain.

    @admin @OSOFFER Sorry for posting this in here....
  2. admin

    admin Moderator Staff Member

    mat karo bhai :p.. aaj bhi main 3-4 lakh ke loss mein hu :( :p

    BTW @Aryan is best person to comment... you need to know lot of things about share market before investing in it... Only aryan bro can help u in that
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  3. Laxman Rao

    Laxman Rao Active Member

    Thanks @admin for your valuable info. First suggestion is negative. So, i don't have any more dare to take next step.
  4. Aryan

    Aryan Well-Known Member

    1st mistake by anyone entering in market is thinking of making money overnight. lets take some other business for example and compare with stock market say land. there are realty agents and there are common men who buy a piece of land so some day it reaps profits. agent is aware of everything from genuine price to resell value to area to future prospects. common men buys seeing others purchasing in particular area, advice from friends and family etc. his aim is to keep land till it's giving multifold returns.

    irony is in stock market everyone coming tries to become like realty agent and get benefit in every trade but forgets main point that such agent had all knowledge regarding piece of land but you, stock market newbie doesn't even know how to read ratios and books of accounts first place. very few wants to become common man who bought land for selling someday at multiple profit.

    so ideally your aim should be of an investor. stock market isn't only way to invest. one can buy mutual funds, etfs too. in long run say 10 years down the line if things doesn't go wrong drastically, your money should grow better than any avenue of investment since India has big consumption market for products made in India by bse NSE listed firms.

    most successful stock market investors are investors only, not traders, from buffet to jhunjhunwala. just time the market well and look a long term prospective. and anyways current market value is overstreached and can fall any day. for a normal uneducated investor pe ratio is best indicator for when to buy and sell its long term investments.

    current consolidate pe is at around 21 which is sell signal. wait for pe below 16 to buy, put money in 20% ratio on every pe value fall like 20% when pe is 16, 20% when 15, 20% when 14, 20% at 13 and 20% at 12. below 12 pe you can blindly put any amount of money in market and it'll multiply tremendously in no time. for keeping track of consolidate pe use this link here pe (P/E or price to earning ratio) is 20.86 which means cautious approach is near. at 21 pe one should start selling its funds and stocks.

    buy index funds or nifty etfs. dont rely on 1 or 2 companies. index fund or etf gives you investments into 50 different companies in one go. if you have any more query do ask.
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  5. Laxman Rao

    Laxman Rao Active Member

    Thank you so much for your advice/info @Aryan . Ya definitely i will ask you for few more.

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