Review of Toshiba 32 Inches 32p2305 HD LED TV from Shopclues....

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    I Bought this Toshiba 32p2305 LED TV from few days ago.

    Price was lowest on net till now about Rs. 21490. Was worried about quality of product because of such low price.

    But after using for about 4-5 days I am quite satisfied. Following are pros and cons which I have found till now:


    First pro is ofcourse the price tag at which it comes. Mind you, You also get 434 cluebucks on buying from shopclues which are equivalent to Rs. 434.

    Picture quality is excellent.

    Sound quality is superb compare to any led tv brand.

    3 years manufacturer warranty is addedbenefit which no led tv brand (except haier) gives that much support.


    Media player is basic but functional. Problem is its resume capabilities.

    Fast forwarding cause once lack of audio output.

    Four corners of tv shows slight less blueness in blue screen mode. but when playing digital tv or movies no such darkness visible. Picture quality of HD channels is mind blowing and that of SD channels is ok (better to view with atleast 5-6 feet away in SD).
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