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    Congratulations to ajaydevil and Jivesh batra for making it to the Finals :)
    Was not an easy task to reach here by winning 5 consecutive battles.
    Same like Semis , Final will also be a 3 match battle. You have to win 2 matches to become the Champion.
    Please pay close attention to all the rules.

    RULES :
    1) You can select any kind of 8 players from any Teams you like from the following matches :
    You have to make separate Teams for each match. Just consider each match as a separate battle like we had in SF.

    Match 1 :
    27th May : Kolkata vs Punjab
    28th May : Chennai vs Mumbai

    Match 2 :
    30th May : Punjab vs Chennai

    Match 3 :
    1st June : Kolkata vs Punjab

    2) You can buy only up to 3 extra players if you want. All additional players will cost you 40 points each. For example you take 2 extra players making a squad of total 10 players ,80 points will be deducted from your final points tally. It's not compulsory to take extra players.

    3) You can select 1 substitute player as well which you can use to exchange for any 1 player of your squad of 8/9/10/11 provided that original player doesn't play the actual game or the game is whitewashed without a single ball played. If all your original players play the game , you cannot use your substitute player. It's also not compulsory to use your Sub.

    4) You have to enter your Team in your individual battle thread or have a choice to send me by private message.
    a) If you decide to use the pm option , you cannot post your Team in your battle thread at any stage neither you are allowed to change your Team. Once you send me your team through pm , it's final and cannot change by posting in your battle thread or sending pm again. We will post your Team in your battle thread latest by 7:00 pm on the match day. Time of your pm sent will be treated as time of your entry.
    b) If you decide to use Battle Thread option , you can keep changing your Team till the deadline by making a new entry in your thread. Your earlier entry will automatically be null and void. You are also not forced to take extra players if you have taken it earlier. Can keep changing the Team anyway you like.

    5) Last date and time to enter your Team for Match 1 is 6 pm on 27th May , Match 2 is 6 pm on 30th May and for Match 3 is 6 pm on 1st June.

    6) NEW : It's not compulsory though but now you can choose as many players you want twice as well. For example , you can just choose 4 players and all twice making it a team of 8.

    7) To win the battle , you have to beat your opponent in at least two matches out of three. Player getting more points win that particular match. In case of Tie , player who entered his valid Team ( latest team which qualifies for the points ) first , WINS.

    8) In case one of the player doesn't enter his Team at all for any particular match , other player Wins automatically.

    9) Please mention the name of the players clearly without leaving any ambiguity. There are certain players with similar names or same names. So in those cases , please mention the Team name as well. In case of any dispute , our decision will be final.

    10) If the match goes to Super over , any performance done in super over wouldn't be counted towards the points.

    Best of Luck to both :)
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