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Discussion in 'Website Review' started by satyanarayana, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. satyanarayana

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    Respected sir,

    i satyanarayana from hyderabad i purchased TABLE MATE 2 product from online shop that is web site but what ever product displaying in the website that will not same as received product that means they are showing all the products is FAKE. when i receive that particular product i shocked when i open the pack. i immediately contact courier person his contact no 09700806088 name is “chandan” from gati courier he said we are only service provider third party so we received product from online newdelhi so i contact online website table mate india online no 08568892403 she said “we are not refund the amount your received product not like good we are not responsible but our company rule is Central Government rule if you like to complaint for company you will complaint any place in india we are facing any thing about this” so i am a common man what i do sir please help us no body fall down in this issue so please block this web site and dont accept this type of orders from courier service why because of everybody loss the payments in indian territory. our order no is Gati courier 413237838.

    with regards

    T. Satyanarayana
  2. Ironman

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    Ohh so sorry to hear that. Have never heard of this site. Maybe somebody else can guide you.
  3. Sasta

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    Always check the reviews for a store before ordering something.

    SHERLOCK Well-Known Member


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